Why you should let your employees choose their own corporate gift and how this can be done

Why you should let your employees choose their own corporate gift and how this can be done

If you have been put in charge of selecting the company's corporate gift, then this blog is for you. We know that it can feel overwhelming as there are lots of different dietary requirements, collecting addresses from the recipients is a hassle, and there are so many options out there to narrow down. At Social Stories Club, we have created the perfect corporate gift that is hassle-free to give, memorable, and sustainable. 

If you are in charge of corporate gifts, you may realise the importance and impact that a gift can have on a team. A gift can make someone feel valued and appreciated by the company, and if the gift is sustainable, supports small businesses, or supports social enterprises, the recipient will feel value alignment and at home in the company.

In this blog, you will understand that letting your employees choose their own corporate gift is not only the easiest for you but also the most enjoyable for them. But first, we will learn how selecting your own gift works. 

How staff choosing their own corporate gift works

There are several ways in which a staff member can choose their own corporate gift, but the best way we suggest selecting a gift hamper where your staff can choose all the different products that go inside it. This is made easy by Social Stories Club. There are a number of ways in which you can let your employees pick the contents of that gift hamper through Social Stories Club’s website. The most popular way is to pre-select whether you would like a hamper or gift box and exactly how many products you would like the employee to be able to choose. Next, you would purchase either a gift card for the employee to redeem for the exact amount of the gift box or we could create a unique landing page that could be sent to your staff through a unique link with the option to build their own hamper. Your staff will land on the page and be able to choose from chocolates that are made by women who have previously been incarcerated, socks that support homeless people, bath salts supporting jobs for individuals with disabilities, and so much more. Get in touch with us today through our corporate gifting page and we will make this gifting process as simple as possible for you. 

There are many benefits to letting your staff choose their corporate gifts.

1. If staff choose their own corporate gift it is better for the environment

There’s nothing worse than receiving a gift that you do not want that ends up going to a landfill and creating more waste. This is why traditional gifting methods of giving plastic corporate merchandise such as unwanted stress balls are wasteful and should be avoided to ensure less waste. When the recipient chooses their gift, they will get what they want to receive.

A luxurious gift hamper is far more desirable than a stress ball mounted with a company logo. However, if you would like your logo front and centre that can still be arranged with a gift hamper no problem, head over to our branded gift options on our website. Hampers are highly desired gifts by employees as they are filled with goodies to be enjoyed by the whole family.

The best part about choosing your own gift is that every single product that is inside the hamper will be used, consumed, and appreciated, leaving no waste behind. It can be argued that building your own gift hampers is the most environmentally friendly gift hampers that you can send to your employees.

An extra benefit at Social Stories Club is that all the products inside the gift hampers that your employees would choose from all support different social causes such as educating vulnerable children and supporting refugees. There are also many environmental projects which are supported by Social Stories Club through the purchase of the hamper. Chocolate and Love chocolate bars for example is very popular amongst build your own box selection and for every bar that is bought trees are planted around the world.

A great thing about Social Stories Club‘s gift hampers and gift boxes is that they are designed to be as low impact on the environment as possible. The gift boxes are made from cardboard that is biodegradable and recyclable. The gift hampers are made from recycled, paper rope and are reusable. There is no plastic filler used inside Social Stories Club‘s gift hampers, instead, we use wood wool sourced from sustainable timber forests.

When the employees receive a Social Stories Club gift hamper that they have built themselves, they will feel so excited to open a hamper filled with their favourite flavours.

2. Employees selecting their own corporate gift is more memorable

Selecting all the different products inside your corporate hamper is a unique and fun experience. The recipient will be excited to go through all the delicious chocolates, snacks, drinks and pamper products they can choose from and the whole family can get involved with selecting the different products.

Corporations give gifts to attract and retain clients and employees. Receiving a gift makes employees feel appreciated and part of a team. Receiving a gift from a social enterprise makes an employee feel that they have shared values with the company. It is therefore very important when companies invest in corporate gifts for staff and clients that are as memorable as possible. Ways to do this include selecting gifts that have interesting stories, selecting gifts that are from sustainable or small businesses, and lastly, allowing the recipient to choose the contents of their gift in an interactive experience.

Social Stories Club is a social enterprise and the products in our hampers are from sustainable businesses and social enterprises. All the products have fascinating stories which are shared in a story booklet included in each gift, and we provide an option where your staff can build their own gift hampers. Reach out to us through our corporate gifting page to see what we can do for your company today.

Employees being involved in the process of choosing their corporate gift makes them understand and appreciate the values behind it. When you select a corporate gifting company, you are letting all your staff and clients know the values that your business stands for. At Social Stories Club we stand for sustainability, the living wage, social enterprises, individuals with barriers to employment, and creating a social impact.

Corporates purchase from us because they appreciate the sustainability focus that we have at Social Stories Club as they are on their journey to be more sustainable themselves. Corporations purchase sustainable gift hampers from Social Stories Club because they want to show their staff and clients that they care about sustainability. When an employee receives a prepaid unique link to Social Stories Club‘s website to choose their own corporate gift from their employer, they get to see that this gift is from a social enterprise. The team member will be able to read all the stories behind the gift and understand the sustainable values. This will help cultivate a culture of sustainability within the office and communicate shared values of sustainability. Ultimately, this will lead to higher levels of employee attraction and retention.

3. If employees build their own gift hamper they can order for their dietary requirements 

Purchasing a gift hamper for all your staff these days can feel like an enormous challenge as there are so many different dietary requirements, allergies and preferences.

By selecting a build-your-own gift hamper, this all becomes hassle-free as the recipient can choose the products that they can consume. Instead of having to collect all the information about who is vegan and who is nut-free, you can just send over a unique link for staff to choose themselves. Under Social Stories Club build your own box website, there are many options for vegans, vegetarians and those that are gluten-free. There are even options for people who do not want any food at all and prefer reusables such as water bottles or other consumables such as beautiful-smelling soaps.

4. If employees order their own corporate gifts there is no need to collect addresses 

If you were tasked with collecting addresses for corporate gifts, we have lots of tips to make this process easier and GDPR compliant. One popular method is sending a survey where the recipient can simply input their address. However, if an employee were to build their own gift box you would not need to collect their address at all as a staff member can input this into the website and order the gift themselves after they have designed the hamper.


In conclusion, corporate gifting can have a significant impact on employees, and allowing them to choose their own gift can make the experience even more memorable and enjoyable. By partnering with a sustainable and socially responsible company like Social Stories Club, companies can provide their employees with a unique and environmentally friendly gifting experience. From choosing their own gift hamper contents to receiving products that support social causes and small businesses, employees will feel valued and appreciated. Overall, giving employees the opportunity to choose their own gift is a win-win situation for both the company and its employees. Reach out to us today to find out more about gifting to employees, client gifts, and branded gifts

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