Teodora Handrea, Edinburgh Innovation

What is your name and where do you work?

So, I'm Dora Handrea, I'm an enterprise executive at Edinburgh Innovations and Edinburgh Innovations is the commercialisation service of the University of Edinburgh.

When was the last time you used our gift boxes?

I use the gift boxes quite a lot, I use the gift boxes regularly actually. The last time I've used it must have been about two weeks ago, but I do use them constantly.

Why do you want to gift something sustainable?

In my role, I work with a variety of partners and its really nice to be able to say a little thank you to our partners for their support and contribution. And I feel it's not enough to give someone just a bottle of wine we are so past those times when a bottle of wine or champagne would be enough and would be, would stand out so I feel that the gift boxes from the Social Stories Club really complement our vision as a university and as a company and its always nice to give something that is sustainable, it has social impact and also memorable.

What attracted you to our gift boxes?

One of the things that attracted me to Social Stories Club is actually the design. I know it’s a lot story behind that and behind the products themselves, but the design of the products is honestly really really nice. You get a lot of emotion when you receive a box, you don’t really know what's inside and you open it up and you just see all the little wonders in there and you become fascinated and you read their story as well and realise the impact of your actions by buying a simple box, you can support people from across the world.

What made our product stand out from other products?

Social Stories Club stand out because of their social impact, they want to help support others in their mission. And really, they want to make a better world and they facilitate that in a really easy nice way.

Did you feel your questions were answered and your needs focused on?

Every time I've purchased something from Social Stories Club and whenever I've needed to get in touch with them, they’ve been very very quick to get back to me. They’ve been very supportive.

What is the main reason you recommend our product?

One of the main reasons why I recommend the product is because of the collection of products within the box it's not just one product there are a variety of products in there that would appeal to really anyone no matter what their ages or what sex they are or where they come from. I’m sure that there is something for everyone in that.


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